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The cosmic neighborhood is experiencing a breakneck-paced expansion.

The number of satellites currently in LEO orbits


The number of satellites planned, approved and under development for LEO orbits

The expected size of the space economy by 2030


Our aim is to build a POWER GRID throughout space, delivering scalable and readily available energy to ALL IN ORBIT.

As we elevate the tally of cosmic commodities, we foresee humanity taking the leap - residing, fabricating, and voyaging amidst the stars. Our aspiration is to be the powerhouse catalyzing this interstellar evolution.

At Litepulse, we're setting up a shell of power platforms in orbit, a bit like an energy layer around the planet. This is going to beam power really efficiently to satellites and stations chilling in lower orbits. It's next-level stuff, straight out of a sci-fi novel.

Our Driving Principles

Infinite reliability - infinite trust

Litepulse is steadfastly fixated on trust and reliability. We're busy crafting services for an environment that makes Everest look like a sandbox - I'm talking about space. And in this extreme playground, our motto is clear: deliver like clockwork, every single time. It's not just about timeliness, it's about unfailing consistency. 

Engineer destiny

We own our outcomes, always. Regardless of the size or complexity, every decision made carries our full stamp of ownership. It's not just about accountability, it's about passion, commitment, and personal responsibility. Like constructing each part of a rocket, from the engine to the smallest screw, every choice matters and we embrace it.

Iterate rapidly or risk obsolescence

We're in the business of swift evolution. Iterate fast, or you might as well be a dial-up modem in a fiber-optic world. Standing still isn't just stagnation, it's a fast track to becoming irrelevant. At Litepulse, our mantra is to iterate, and iterate rapidly. It's like engineering our own survival strategy in the cosmic market. Because let's face it, in our game, you're either upgrading constantly or you're sliding into the annals of obsolescence.

An adventure in innovation

We're not just innovating, we're embarking on a thrilling journey through the uncharted terrains of creativity and technology. Strap in for a wild ride and always have fun doing so. 

Relentless in every endeavor

We're not just steady in our pursuits, folks. We're akin to a rocket blasting towards Mars - completely relentless. Unstoppable, even. We keep pushing, no matter the obstacles, until our goals are not just met, but obliterated. It's not just about getting the job done, it's about exceeding all expectations and setting new bars for ourselves. Perseverance isn't just a Mars rover for us, it's a way of life.

Our Space Pioneers


Karl Stedman

Founder, CEO


John Sanford

Co-Founder, CTO


Stuart Volkow

Co-Founder, Operations

Our Space-Savvy Guides


Mike Moreno


Greg Horowitt


Shanti Rao

The Litepulse crew is in the lab, architecting the blueprint for tomorrow's cosmos.

We've got an incredible crew at the vanguard of, AI, design, hardware, business & software engineering. They are a bunch of the most talented people on the planet, and they're known for constantly shattering tech ceilings. It's like they're from the future, redefining what's possible today.

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