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The Northstar path for a sustainable future in Space

In our quest to thrive as a spacefaring species, we simply can't ignore some essential tech foundations: habitation, connectivity, mobility, and energy. Let's look into Litepulse's ambitious roadmap to tackle one of the biggest puzzles - power.


Transmit power-on-demand in orbits around Earth

Transmit power-on-demand to facilities on the Moon

Transmit green scalable power to Earth


Transmit power on-demand
in orbits around Earth

In our mission to establish a power infrastructure across the solar system, we're committed to operating on a principle of incremental growth, beginning with manageable, smaller scale projects before progressively taking on more complex ones.

Our preliminary step involves the construction of a matrix of power stations, acting as beacons of energy in the void of space. These power platforms are going to play a pivotal role in harnessing solar energy, which is abundantly available in space. This energy will be converted into a usable form, and then effectively transmitted to other spacecrafts in lower orbits. Think of it like a network of futuristic solar farms in space, working relentlessly to ensure the sustenance of our spacecrafts and missions.

This step is crucial as it not only provides a practical solution to our immediate energy needs but also gives us the much-needed technological experience and knowledge to take on larger-scale projects. It's like learning to walk before you run. We believe that understanding how to implement and manage these power stations efficiently will pave the way for us to navigate more challenging scenarios and environments.

As we perfect this technology, we will be able to use it to overcome bigger obstacles and adapt to different conditions, thereby expanding our reach.


Transmit power on-demand
to facilities on the Moon

As we look toward the future of space exploration, the moon unquestionably emerges as the next key target. Over the next decade, it's set to transform into a hub of human activity, with plans for establishing bases, initiating manufacturing processes, creating recreational retreats, and much more. This isn't science fiction anymore; it's a real and imminent future we're facing.

Just like on Earth, powering these activities is an indispensable part of the equation. The good news is that the technology and experience we're cultivating for providing remote power in orbit are entirely applicable to the lunar landscape. We're talking about scalable, adaptable energy solutions that will light up lunar bases, fuel industries, and enable transportation networks on the moon.

This involves providing energy for both stationary and mobile applications - static bases, moving vehicles, and everything in between. To meet the diverse energy demands of the moon's forthcoming inhabitants, we must create an infrastructure that can accommodate a variety of power needs, ranging from maintaining life support systems to driving rovers across the lunar surface.

All these efforts will pave the way for our third major initiative, further pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve in the realm of space power distribution.


Transmit green scalable power to Earth

And finally, we come to the most intricate part of our grand scheme: beaming power back to our home planet. One might naturally assume this to be the easiest task, but in fact, it presents the most complex challenges. We'll be contending with hurdles like atmospheric disruptions, regulatory constraints, and public perception issues.

However, by the time we reach this stage, we'll have amassed significant expertise and operational scale to navigate these issues efficiently. The ultimate goal is to supply Earth with a consistent stream of green, sustainable energy, thereby revolutionizing our approach to power generation and consumption. This isn't merely about advancing space technology; it's about using that technology to better our world.

Thank you for taking the time to read our Northstar plan. We're always looking to add talent who resonates with our vision. If this is you feel free to look at our open positions below.  

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