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Litepulse and Spaceium Sign a Bilateral Letter of Intent for In Situ Storage and Scaleable Power

Bellevue, WA, June 7th, 2023 - Spaceium and Litepulse have inked a Bilateral Letter of Intent. The partnership will help enable a smarter, more efficient future in orbit. Litepulse's powerful, scalable tech will now be powering Spaceium logistics hubs, dotted along the cosmic arteries of the Space Superhighway. Meanwhile, Spaceium will be providing Litepulse with a safe harbor for their hardware amidst the stars in the logistical hubs in orbit.

This isn't just a boost for the company’s individual capabilities, but a game-changer for the wider space economy. It's partnerships like these that help transform space from the final frontier to the next home front.

“Our aim here at Litepulse is to build a power grid throughout near space, delivering scalable and readily available energy to all in orbit.” CEO Karl Stedman said.

“We are making space exploration more affordable and efficient by building the missing piece of in space infrastructure, service stations. This partnership will help us to achieve that goal.” CEO of Spaceium, Ashi Dissanayake said.

About Litepulse Inc.

Litepulse is building a remote power network in space and the cislunar environment with the aim of providing scalable power to all vehicles in space. You can learn more at

About Spaceium

Spaceium is building service stations along the space superhighway. The service stations are modular to provide services from refueling, transferring energy, storing and exchanging hardwares, and going to be part of trash debris solution. Learn more at

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