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StarSpec and Litepulse Partnership

Updated: May 25, 2023

December 8, 2022|Partnerships Bellevue, WA, November 08, 2022 - StarSpec Technologies, Inc., and Litepulse, Inc., are pleased to announce the signing of a Letter of Intent. The transaction involves the integration and/or mutual collaboration between Litepulse’s mesh network and StarSpec ADCS InspireSAT sub-arcsecond ADCS products. StarSpec ADCS InspireSAT’s unique design and capabilities will enable the sub-arcsecond Low-Earth Orbit platform stability at a level suitable for Litepulse’s development. The techniques and methodologies utilized for StarSpec’s InspireSAT are of particular interest for Litepulse power distribution components and subsystems. This includes hardening off the self-components for radiation, thermal vacuum, and dynamic vibration.

“Litepulse’s vision is to build, space’s first remote power grid and this agreement with StarSpec is instrumental to making that vision a reality. We are excited to work with StarSpec to make space more accessible for everyone,” said Karl Stedman Litepulse’s Founder and CEO. About StarSpec Technologies, Inc.

StarSpec Technologies bridges the gap between innovation and application for state-of-the-art space-based technologies. StarSpec is fundamentally enabling technology developers, science leaders, and industry innovators endeavoring to rapidly push the frontiers of emerging suborbital and satellite-based applications.

We believe that increasing ease of access to space is both inevitable—as a result of the growing economy and diversification of space-based applications—as well as essential to rapid technology development for space that is well-paced with the constantly accelerating state-of-the-art. StarSpec is at the forefront of this revolution in space, providing the necessary agility and continuous innovation required to meet the increasing demand in the new space supply chain.

Our vision is a world in which accessing the uncapped research, development, and commercial potential of space and near-space environments is limited only by the imaginations of those who endeavor to Rethink Space About Litepulse, Inc. Litepulse is a Remote Power as a Service company for Space. Focused on providing the power vehicles need to expand into orbit and beyond, the company is building a mesh energy grid powered by the Sun. By providing more efficient power to satellites, space stations, and additive manufacturing in LEO, GEO, and the cis-lunar space, Litepulse will help unlock the potential of space.

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